Johnny Roj-Larsen

I have a background as CEO and head of organizations and public institutions in the labor market area, education area and cultural area. I have served as chairman of the board at Rygaard International School and I have been employed as CFO / COO at an international school in Copenhagen.

I have a broad knowledge within:

  • The Danish labor market system – insurance, education, labor market pensions, Danish employment contracts and other employment conditions.
  • The Danish education and school system – what opportunities do you have in the Danish education system at primary, secondary and university level? Is there any opportunity to develop my skills at reasonable prices? What does it cost to educate me in Denmark?
  • The cultural area – including which cultural offerings / sports clubs / knowledge institutions are in Denmark
  • Operation and development of international schools in Denmark


Advising employees on the Danish labor market and advising employees on the Danish education system.

Public institutions

I advise on access to Danish public institutions. What can you expect from the Danish public system? I can give you an introduction to access the digital Denmark.


I advise how to start up a bilingual schools – planning, economy, analysis and implementation and follow-up. I can give you advice how to make your Business plan.